“I can’t think of a better time to be a part of a movement for change”

Cheryl Chan, a human services professional at HMEA and a parent of a grown child who receives services talks about how The Caring Force will impact her and her family. Read More »

“This will be the impetus for changing society as we know it today”

Gerry Wright of the Community Caring Institute talks about his vision for the expansion of an inclusive Caring Force that can reshape our society and our values in the future. Read More »

Stan Connors of Bay Cove Human Services talks about why he cares about The Caring Force

Stan Connors, who will be retiring as President of Bay Cove Human Services and has been a driving force behind The Caring Force, talks about his excitement over the movement's launch. Read More »

Lisa’s story of finding independence and confidence through job training

Lisa talks about the independence and confidence she's built while building on her job and life skills at Morgan Memorial Goodwill Industries in Boston. She asks the 2010 Massachusetts gubernatorial candidates how they will increase employment options for people with disabilities. Read More »

Represenative and former teen youth worker Carlos Henriquez shares his story

Rep. Carlos Henriquez reflects back on his time dining on peanut butter and jelly sandwiches often while surviving on the salary of a teen youth worker. Learn more about his background in the sector and his support for it as an elected official. Read More »

Parents ask candidates how they will protect the critical programs that serve their children

Parents of people with disabilities discuss importance of day hab and community-based care. They pose the following questions to the 2010 Massachusetts Gubernatorial candidates: What specific actions would you take as governor to preserve community based services for my child now and in the future? Read More »

The story of Work, Inc.: Serving individuals, empowering & employing people with disabilities

Jim Cassetta, President & CEO of Work, Inc. shares his agency's story at a legislative breakfast hosted by the Providers' Council. Be sure to find out how Work, Inc., legislators, and community supporters helped renovate and move in to their new facility in Dorcehster without the support of a single state dollar. Read More »

Helen shares stories highlighting the challenges that our elders face

Helen Turner of Bristol Elder Services tells the powerful stories of the elders she serves and talks about the issues though which she and her coworkers are able to assist the people they serve. Read More »

Lavette, Alicia, and Vernon talk about the rewards and struggles of working in human services

Human service workers discuss the challenges of continuing the rewarding work of providing care in the sector due to low wages. They pose the following questions to the 2010 Massachusetts Gubernatorial candidates: Direct care workers are paid an average of $12 an hour. As Governor, how will you ensure these community-based workers, who provide state-mandated services, will receive a sufficient wage? Read More »

Claire tells her story & asks our elected officials for solutions to skyrocketing health care costs

Claire, an Outreach Worker from Vinfen in Haverhill shares the impact that unaffordable costs of healthcare for underpaid human service workers has had on her and her family, and asks the 2010 candidates for Governor in Massachusetts how they would address this problem. Read More »

Cuts & Opportunities for Elder Services

Arlene Lopes of Dorchester talks about the great work done at Kit Clark Senior Services to empower and protect seniors, and the severe challenges created by significant state budget cuts at a legislative breakfast hosted by the Providers' Council. Read More »

Isabelle’s story as a parent and a human service worker

Isabelle's shares her experiences as a parent of a child with a disability and her work in the sector. Read More »